My parents are aircraft designers, and our family has always been quite far from art. But from childhood, I was attracted to colored pencils and paints. Once I was left alone at home, I found old crayons and painted a whole wall with princesses and castles. When my parents returned, they fully appreciated my creativity.

The family council decided to send me to my first art school! I was only 5 years old.This is how my career began. I loved reading and loved Harry Potter very much, so I dreamed of illustrating this episode someday. I drew under the covers at night because the inspiration came only after sunset! Sometimes I skipped school and illustrated at a table at McDonald's. I've tried different styles.

In the beginning, it seemed to me that serious drawing is pure realism. I studied anatomy, sketched, and drew "serious stuff." Then I realized that drawing realistically was boring for me. I wanted to bring something of my own into the picture. So I began to get involved in the stylization and flatforms. Now I like to work with a spot and thin lines, paint brightly and in color.

During my studies, I often took a train. Out of boredom, I began to draw people sitting there. And it was then that I realized that I really like drawing faces. It relaxes me and relieves my brain. When you create an illustration, you constantly need to think about the composition and the idea. But when you paint from a real person, you don't need to invent anything!

There is only you and the person in front. Later, I began to perceive people as an exciting nature and individuals whose inner world I really wanted to reflect through a portrait. Now, even when I paint pictures, I certainly think about composition and graphics. But I really love it. I got an additional meaning and incentive: I know that with my creativity, I please people and make their life a little more beautiful, more pleasant, and more joyful. Is this what art is for?


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