I was inspired to draw by book illustrations. My parents had many children's books at home, which were passed along from one generation to another. Every time I come home, I look at my favorite pictures. I still remember the first time I saw these pictures: at another city's hospital in the Brothers Grimm collection of fairy tales. I looked at the illustrations for Snow White and imagined making a potion to soak an apple in.Thanks to books, my artistic career took off.

I've redrawn illustrations from them and gave them to my mother. I remember the delight I got from reading my first comic book and how I sat down to redraw the characters from there. Since childhood, my mother supported me in drawing, although she was afraid that I would lose interest. My mother bought me my first drawing books, searched the Internet for art contests. I won one competition by drawing a simple landscape with a mouse, and my head was blown off!

After that, I wanted to learn how to draw on a computer. I didn't even know about graphic tablets then. I didn't have an art education, so I couldn't dare to enter a specialized university. But I followed the publishing business direction, bought a graphic tablet, which still serves me faithfully, and learned to draw once again!

I started illustrating children's books not so long, ago which I am very proud of! I don't have enough experience yet, but I have left my comfort zone and take on new orders for 2 years now, each more difficult than the previous one. I dream of a home library, where on one side there will be books with some of my favorite artists’ work, and on the other, a collection of books with my illustrations.
Drawing allows you to look at the world differently, blurs the boundaries of the "beauty" concept. Also, it helps to understand that there should be no forbidden topics and things for drawing.

Now I try to create as many people with different appearances as possible, look at other artists' drawings, and learn something new. Never be shy about your creativity, it is unique, and no one knows how much time and effort was put into each drawing. Your work is the result of everyday practice!


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