Do you remember your first drawing of a person? I remember - he was long-legged, with a neck somewhere on his shoulder and a tail ... I liked him, but everyone asked why he was so strange because people don’t look like that.

Even though I was tiny, this annoyance hurt me immensely and sometimes haunts me to this day. I didn’t want this to happen to me again and began to look for a way to draw better.And how beautiful people really are! This was my first thought when I first glanced at the art book about human anatomy.

Hundreds of images of hands, head turns, muscles - all this got stuck in my impressionable child's head. Somewhere at home, I found translucent paper and diligently transfared my favorite episodes from the book to learn how to do the same! Since then, my little men were no longer sets of sticks and circles. They were full-fledged people with the correct proportions and curves. And they got better day by day, as did my drawing skills.

My parents didn't have time to stock up on paper for my drawing, so wallpaper was sometimes used. Unfortunately, almost no one understood my expression in my work. It was difficult for me to find a way out of this energy until I saw the anime. The characters on the screen were not shy about showing emotions, and it looked so alive! And so it suited me! By that time, I had watched many cartoons, but I didn't even think that the picture could come to life. And this has become my cherished goal - to revive the world that I have always dreamed of. For this, I had to look through a lot of material. I peered into every frame, every line, to capture the style and technique. Once a got a crush on this anime character and that's how it all began...

I couldn't think of anything, couldn't draw anything else but HIM. This was my most intimate secret, because who will be taken seriously with imaginary love... But it was also my most apparent weakness, which I wanted to share so that you would be understood and accepted. Friends affectionately called me a maniac, but this obsession was not in vain. To achieve maximum satisfaction with the picture, I learned how to translate images into digital. I was the first among my peers who mastered a graphic tablet, programs, and everything for the picture to finally come down to my real world. But that was impossible.

Then I decided to put myself in the anime world. And who would believe that making a character unique and recognizable among almost identical faces and features is so tricky! I trained on the portraits of friends, tried to fit my feelings into the frame. All this was repeated from day to day. I have devoted 10 years to my "love." Hundreds of pictures and thousands of sketches. Finally, my dream came true. With a slight movement of my pencil, I can move into the world of dreams. And anyone else at their own request can move to the world of their dreams, too. Covatar allowed me to draw many beautiful people and touch their dreams. And I want to embody it further and better!


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