Drawing has always been a part of my life. I remember that even in kindergarten, the teachers praised my drawings, especially the portraits of my mother. All the sheets and surfaces of the house were painted with my "masterpieces."

I love to draw people and animals, especially eyes.For me, it is the most expressive part of the face. Another important part of the art creation process is music. I'm a crazy music lover, and my headphones are ALWAYS on!

I like to listen to something according to my mood, rhythmic or relaxing. Sometimes even after a while, I look at portraits and remember what music I listened to at that time. Each picture has its own mood and its own story. I like to draw different types of people. It's so great that we are all so unique.

Each has its own characteristics, proportions, colors. It is always interesting to consider and discover something new in each person. Gosh, I love my job! Also, drawing is a kind of meditation and salvation for me. It helps to focus or forget, visualize my dreams and dreams of other people. In the process, you can go somewhere far, far away and sometimes see the result and not even believe that it was you. Drawing allows you to grow and improve your skills. A huge number of cool artists inspire me for new achievements and discoveries. I want to get better every day, learn something new. I feel lucky that I live during the peak of technology growth that allows us to do the things we love conveniently. I'm very curious about what awaits me next!


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