The Original Kitty

The "Original" KItty is one of the artworks from the collection created by Irsch, a talented artist from Covatar.

This NFT piece marked the beginning of the "Interdimensional Kitty" collection and served as a base for all future NFTs that Irsch will be creating. This character's design was inspired by Irsch's very own cat named Mathilda.

Explore this collection and see more unique hand-drawn NFT's by Irsch and become an owner of exclusive pieces. Join our Discord community to participate in the new NFTs development, influence the process and future artworks with your requests and ideas. We also run a lot of giveaways of merch and NFTs as well as cool swag drops!

A collection inspired by the artist's cat, vivid colors & wild shapes.

About the collection

Irsch went to art school, where she developed her art skills and found her unique style. Her interest and passion for visual arts allow her to create beautiful and amazing artworks.

About the artist

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