Exclusive collections of hand-drawn NFT art pieces created by artistic and creative artists.

Unique & hand-drawn art pieces
Craft amazing art that people love
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Our Core Principles:

Support & empower real artists

We are a community

We create art every day

of professional artists who love to share their talent with the world

Community is our fundamental principle
We're the ones behind the brands Covatar, Sketchy Digital, and Merchandice. And now, we've ventured to NFTs too.
Since day one, this has already been our fundamental principle. We believe that creating a healthy environment for creatives can help them flourish and will allow them to share their talent with others through unique art pieces.
NFT avatars
One-of-a-kind NFT avatars created for you & minted to your Opensea account. Our talented artists will create a unique avatar for your order by hand.
NFT collections based on your idea
Have an idea for your own collection? Bring it to us and we’ll make it happen.
Limited edition NFT artworks
Get limited edition NFT artworks made by our artists. Explore our collections, become an owner & get exclusive access to more unique drops.

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Only with Covatar you can get not just limited edition NFT items but hand-drawn avatars, artworks & collections made exclusively for you!

There are more ways to help

Any help matters. If you can’t get an item from our collection, please consider donating to organizations that help the people of Ukraine. We created our short-list, but there are even more out there.

Humanitarian Fund
Created by the government of Ukraine. You can wire your donation directly to UAH, USD, EUR and GBP accounts.
Sunflower of Peace
A Boston, US-based 501(c)(3) organization. They collaborate with a global network of established organizations that are committed to helping Ukraine in this war.
Voices of Children
A non-profit organization in the Eastern Ukraine that provides support to children in the war zone.
The international charity that plans to provide the emergency help to over 4 million of people: families with children, women, and elder people who got affected by the war.
Project Hope
This organization works on delivering medical supplies to Ukraine to make sure that people in need will have access to them.
This organization helps the people affected by the war with the access to fresh water, food and housing.

We implemented a revenue share model where proceeds from each sale go directly towards the NFT artist, get invested into creating new collections and artworks, and support the Covatar NFT project.

Each NFT sale supports creators and the project

Other expenses 20%
Project support & development 30%
Invested into new collections and artworks 20%
Artist's share 30%

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFT?
NFT stands for “non-fungible token” which is a unique, one-of-a-kind digital asset that can be bought, sold, owned, and traded. NFTs are often pieces of digital art, but could also be other collectibles, ticketed access, or digital representations of physical assets.
What is Covatar and Covatar NFT?
We're a team of artists who started with creating unique digital avatars back in April 2020. Since then we grew into a cool community of creative people, had a chance to work with dozens of thousands of individual customers as well as hundreds of businesses including Microsoft, Nasdaq, Google, Twitter, Twitch, Workday, and more.

Since the beginning, we've been on a mission to empower talented artists, illustrators, and graphic designers to share their talent and work in a healthy creative environment. On top of Covatar and Covatar NFT, we also run a few more cool projects: Merchandice, Sketchy Digital, and Relatables. Feel free to check them out!
What do you mean by every NFT is "hand-drawn"?
We literally mean that as it is. Each NFT is fully created by hand and wasn't generated using algorithms and pre-made elements. Every single piece of art we create and publish is a result of the hard work of our artists and creative directors. That's why the supply of each collection is extremely limited and we take time to release more unique items.
Do you have pre-sales & secret sales?
Yes, we do! We'll be announcing the pre-sales via our social media channels, email & Discord community. Soon, we'll also add an official schedule for the launches of new items and collections.

For secret sales - we do have them. During the secret sale, we'll be offering extremely rare and unique items. Each item from our secret sales is a result of dozens of hours of our team's work and doesn't replicate existing ideas or artworks. If you're a participant in our newsletter, you'll be the first to know about our secret sales. But make sure to subscribe and check your emails - these drops will be fast and unexpected. Our creative muse doesn't plan visits in advance.
Where can I learn more or ask questions?
We have a Discord server and love to talk with our community members. Please feel free to join our community. Besides doing consultations, we also run AMAs with artists, do exclusive drops and run a lot of giveaways as well as reward active community members with cool swag.
Can I help you guys grow & get rewarded for it?
Yes and yes! We have a very cool referral program where you can invite friends by spreading the word about our project. Learn more about our referral program here.

We also run a lot of giveaways of merch & NFTs for our fans from the Discord community as well as do exclusive drops.

We created Covatar back in April 2020 with the goal of empowering artists and helping regular people have access to high-quality art. Since then, we've grown into a company with several graphic design brands and worked with thousands of individual customers, content creators, and businesses like Microsoft, Google, Nasdaq, Spotify, Twitter, Workday, Palo Alto Networks, and hundreds more.

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