Each NFT is hand-made by real artists
100% from sales will be transferred to accounts of the Ukrainian government or non-profits working with refugees
Why is this collection important?
Each NFT artwork is hand-drawn & contributed by a real artist

An enthusiastic NFT collection created by talented digital artists to support Ukrainian government and refugees. This collection is expanding and new artworks from more creators are being added every day.

The "SAVE UKRAINE" Project

We started this collection to help Ukraine win the war and help its citizens who were displaced from their home or are forced to hide in bunkers get back to their normal life. We hope these uniquely designed hearts painted in vibrant colors of their national flag will find a special place among NFT investors.

The "Save Ukraine" Project is not commercial. This means all proceeds from the sales will be contributed to organizations helping the people of Ukraine as well as the Ukrainian Government.

About the "Save Ukraine" project

NFTs from this collection

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There are more ways to help

Any help matters. If you can’t get an item from our collection, please consider donating to organizations that help the people of Ukraine. We created our short-list, but there are even more out there.

Humanitarian Fund
Created by the government of Ukraine. You can wire your donation directly to UAH, USD, EUR and GBP accounts.
Sunflower of Peace
A Boston, US-based 501(c)(3) organization. They collaborate with a global network of established organizations that are committed to helping Ukraine in this war.
Voices of Children
A non-profit organization in the Eastern Ukraine that provides support to children in the war zone.
The international charity that plans to provide the emergency help to over 4 million of people: families with children, women, and elder people who got affected by the war.
Project Hope
This organization works on delivering medical supplies to Ukraine to make sure that people in need will have access to them.
This organization helps the people affected by the war with the access to fresh water, food and housing.

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